Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who Stole Our Aroma?

Has a major change every occurred in your life and you were so busy living that it simply passed you by and one day, like a smack in the face, it suddenly dawned on you that something had drastically changed in your life?

As a small child returning from any trip away from home I didn’t need my eyes open to know we were near home. When you took a deep breath, you couldn’t miss the heavy, rich, syrupy, sweet aroma of tobacco manufacturing permeating the downtown air of our Salem.

This aroma was like the fragrance of a damp humidor, mothers perfume, a new puppy, home, dad’s cologne, thanksgiving dinner, popcorn, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sugar cake, Moravian chicken pie, peppermint, the strong fragrance of a lover.

One day on the roof of our building gazing around the city at the familiar Reynolds Building surrounded by silent tobacco manufacturing plants, it hit me like the loss of a lover. Something is not right. Something is distinctively different. Then it hit me like a punch to the gut, the aroma is gone. Who stole our aroma?

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