Thursday, November 4, 2010

STOP - Auto-Calls and Negative Ads from Politicians

I thought I would wait until after the election to make this resolution for all future elections.

As of NOW if you, anyone related to you, working on your behalf, any computer or auto dialer associated with you calls any phone number associated with me I hereby make this perpetual pledge. I pledge to advise the caller that by their call their preferred politician has hereby lost my vote and forced me to cast my vote for their opponent.  Then I will hang up the phone and I will cast my vote for your opponent.

Should I receive calls from all of those running I will not even take the time to visit the polls. Be the first to call and be the first to help your opponent win. IS THAT CLEAR? Call me and loose my vote. I don't care if you are my best friend, we are related or I am in love with your position and hate that of your opponent, this is my chosen action.

Second, run a negative ad and the same shall apply. I don't care what you or anyone connected with you might think of your opponent. Tell me about you and confess all of the bad upfront. I might vote for you.

I will not digress from these pledges. Is it not illegal for others to make such unsolicited calls to our phones? Why not politicians? Why should they be above the laws they put in place to protect us from all of the other crooks auto-dialing our phones?

Do you think I care for phone calls from politicians, their volunteers, paid operatives or their negative ad campaigns?  NO, I DO NOT!

Anyone care to climb aboard my band wagon to put a STOP to these annoying political phone calls and negative ads? It's very simply, STOP VOTING FOR THEM!

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