Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Confusing Triad - Make it Kernersville!

The Piedmont Triad is a very confusing place to live. Supposedly it consists of the cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point. Of course, that's unless you happen to live in Greensboro (WHICH I DON'T) then it is Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point. Then there are those who live in High Point who can't figure out where it is they live and which city should come first. Except during furniture market when High Point comes first in all of our minds. Of course there is the national perspective where we live in the Greensboro metropolitan area and Winston-Salem and High Point don't exist!

Wait a minute aren't we actual four cities with the "dastardly dash" removed? That would make us Quadrangle, wouldn't it? Then there is Kernersville, the undisputed HEART of the Triad. Try to drive through the place and you will think its the fastest growing of the five cities which make us a Pentagon, doesn't it? Of course scattered all within the mix are other little towns like Walkertown caught in the fray. Being the overly practical person that I am there are several obvious solutions to this mess.

In light of the recent success of the Winston-Salem Dash baseball team and new ballpark lets change the name of the twin cities to simply Dash or if my spouse is correct that would be Hyphen. What a great name for a town. Are there any others with such a splendid name? Since the Piedmont Triad is growing so fast and such a great place to live lets call it all the Dash or Hyphen. What a great idea.

Enough of the bull, lets get practical and work backwards for a reasonable, educated, historic solution to this dilemma. High Point was begun in 1856 when a group of Quakers settled at the highest point of the railroad at the intersection of the Great Western Plank Road. Winston in 1849 when the state needed a county seat for the new Forsyth County and the stuffy Moravians refused for Salem to meet that need. Greensboro was named for Nathaniel Green who didn't fight the battle of Guilford Court House until 1781. Salem was founded by the Moravians in 1766. The area of Kernersville however, was settled in 1756. I see the light! Since Kernersville is the senior settlement of the group, the heart of the Triad and the desired destination of those moving to our area. The new name of the Piedmont Triad is now official dubbed Kernersville. Did I mention that my fourth Great Grandfather was Joseph Kerner and that I graduated from East Forsyth High School? No bias here! Let the wars begin.

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