Friday, November 12, 2010

The Caterpillars Are Coming

My experience with Caterpillars began as a very small child. I don't mean the little, many legged, green variety either. I am talking about the huge, yellow, loud, clanking variety 955 Cat Loaders. With a father in construction I don't recall when I wasn't around a Cat. I recall with great fondness, as a very small child, pulling the levers on a 955 Cat Loader, in the lap of Clint Bodford of Bodford Brothers Grading, as he cleared a lot near Walkertown. Many years later I recall Clint turning a house to dust and making it disappear from a Salem Street in a few hours. As an adult I recall, with fondness, being surrounded by numerous monstrous Cat's as they created mega clouds of dust forming acres of land transforming our Salem. It is with great anticipation and pride that I welcome the Big Yellow Caterpillars to our Salem. It's a new day in Salem!

The Caterpillar Century

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