Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lion’s Tooth

In the spring, intermediate patches of lawn, throughout Salem, are infested with Lion’s Tooth. Children are running about jostling in competition for the fullest pod. That ones mine, no its not, its mine. Oh, you beat me to it. What, children playing with Lions? Dent-de-lion means lion’s tooth in Old French named for its pointy leaves. Between kids, mesmerized adults, animals and wind Dandelion seed pods don’t stand a chance of remaining intact for long. Such is the plan to repopulate the scattered lawns with their jagged leaves, attractive yellow blooms and white fluffy seed pods of future Dandelion plants. The flowers yellow head can change into the familiar, white, globular seed head overnight. Each seed has a tiny parachute, spreading far and wide in the wind. Most gardeners detest them, but the more you try to weed them up, the faster they grow. This blog, will be a lion’s tooth filled with parachute seeds of photos, information, history, stories, tall tells, rumors and out right lies about people, places and things discovered in my walks through Salem. I am ripe and my seeds are ready to use this medium as the wind to scatter the contents of my mind across the ramparts of the world. Look out; you may be in for some immense surprises of mesmerizing information about your home or this place you may enjoy visiting. The more you try to weed me the more I will grow. It’s a new day in Salem.

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