Questions and Answers

Enter your question in the comment section below and it will be answered later in the body of this post. You will need to check back for your answer. Here are examples of a few anticipated questions and their answers:

  1. What is this blog about?

    I could write a dissertation concerning the reason for and the intent of this blog. You aren't interested in reading pages so here is the answer presented graphically:
    This blog is about Salem and later Winston which because Salem and Winston then Winston and Salem which became Winston-Salem and later Winston-Salem which in reality has become Winston when baring the religious fervor, desire to serve their God and preserve their lifestyle should appropriately simply been for all time Salem
  2.  Who is responsible for this blog?

    See About Me and you will find that apparently an old Indian appropriately named "Shot-in-the-eye" is responsible for this blog. This blog is filled with hints as to its author. The author chooses to remain anonymous and if asked will most likely smile, deny responsibility and will refuse comment or acknowledgment. In the military and political world it is know as "plausible dependability". Never, ever acknowledge that you had anything to do with anything.

  3. How is this blog supported?

    In the present, October 2010 as we begin our adventure together, it can rightfully be stated that it is not supported (picture Atlas holding up the world, only the world bigger and Atlas, much, much smaller). This is an act of passion and love for my community, it's citizens and a desire to provide entertainment and information, much of which may not be easily attainable or if attainable not often accessed by the average citizen or visitor. Hopefully, over time with your kind involvement, it may, at minimum, be able to break even from advertising revenue, sponsorships and sales of products and information. For example, through a relationship established with I am able to offer you access to everything they sale through links and our online store "Shops at Salem" (coming soon). Your act of linking to from this blog results in a tiny fee payment back to us to support this blog. Get it? Always begin your visit to Amazon from here buy anything and you will be supporting us. It cost you nothing extra beyond a few mouse clicks and means everything to us.

    Thank You in advance for your participation and support.

  4. Your Question will go here! Please enter a question in the comments section below. I promise to review your question, and respond as quickly as possible provided that I am not at one of my favorite places on earth relaxing and reading beside my marvelous spouse. Click here for an example. Who knows, visit and you may bump into us and observe us smile as we deny everything!