Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

OK, OK I get it, I can’t spell, my grammar is horrendous and I don’t have a clue about punctuations. Give me a break; I have an excuse, what is yours? My spelling is so bad spell check can’t figure out the word a great deal of the time. Without spell check and a lover who kindly attempts to assist me and edit my work I couldn’t make it in life. Thankfully, there have always been parents, siblings, friends, lovers, business associates and secretaries to help me out. I am the kid who always went down first in the spelling bee. Later, I learned to spell it wrong even if I knew how to spell it, which is doubtful.  Sit and save yourself the punishment. Many people have attempted to teach me how to spell and failed. I couldn’t spell my first name until I was in my 20’s (now you know I am older than that).

Truth is that I am one of very few folk in the world medically documented as unteachable. I can prove it, no mater what you may think, I can’t spell. Test have now proven that the part of my brain which should handle spelling has limited function and the part which handles reading attempts to compensate and therefore excels in its intended function. How about them marbles? Guess what, grammar and punctuation are handled by that same screwed up piece of gray matter. Therefore, I have an excuse for that as well. Eat your heart out and get off of my back!

Post log: Please know that if you find any issues with facts, spelling, grammar or punctuation on this blog that I cherish the very thought of your correcting me. Please send me an e-mail with adequate information for me to find where it is, understand the issue, and I will repair it. Do you honestly think that I care for s—t like that on my blog?