Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visit Our Salem

I am always amazed that the folk who know the least about a place are often the ones who live there. Such a shame. It's not only visitors who should visit our Salem. If you are here for your first visit or have been here for your life time take a little time, learn about and enjoy our city. First, do a little research by going to the Visit Winston-Salem Website. While you are there check out the Official Visitor and Relocation Guide a perfect place to begin your research. Its a good idea to begin your visit at the Winston-Salem Visitors center located at 200 Brookstown Avenue in the Historic Cotton Mill Complex. Here you will find information and gracious hosts to answer your questions, give directions and ideas for your visit.
Take a deep breath when you arrive in Winston-Salem because your first visit is going to leave you breathless. You'll quickly discover there is more here than meets the eye. Our arts community is renowned the world over and innovation is one of our hallmarks whether it's in science, education, business or the arts. Sure we're a charming Southern town, but we also have a hip urban feel echoed by our flourishing downtown and a growing scientific and business community. To say that Winston-Salem has something for everyone would definitely be an understatement.

Were you aware that our Salem is home of the largest research park in the United States, known internationally for its cutting edge research and technology or that our Bowman Gray Stadium was home to some of the earliest NASCAR heroes?

A few outstanding places of interest:
Home to Festivals and Special Events:
Companies that call our Salem Home:
Why wait any longer? Visit our Salem Today!

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