Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to Old Salem

Excerpt from "Old Salem - The Official Guidebook" by Penelope Niven and Cornelia Wright (click on the link to purchase your copy). Visit the official website of Old Salem Museums and Gardens
"The history of the Moravians comes to life at Old Salem. A unique religious group, the Moravians made the town of Salem an oasis of beauty and order in the Carolina back-country. Today in the workshops, homes, and gardens of Old Salem, men and women carry on the daily tasks of living just as they were done in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries - crafting beautiful objects, running households and businesses, and  engaging in artistic and musical pursuits. This guide will help you make the most of your visit to Old Salem, one of the most authentic living-history museums in the United States."
Welcome to Old Salem
In Old Salem you can walk time worn pathways, explore historic buildings, and admire decorative arts, crafts, and toys. You can hear ancient liturgy and old hymns, partake of Moravian traditions, taste bread and cookies made from old receipts, and stroll in the hush of God's Acre. You can learn how Old Salem was conceived and created, how it grew and changed.

Perhaps your curiosity about the people of the past brings you here in hopes that history will shed light on the present and the future. Perhaps you seek to understand the spirit of the Moravians, or wonder about daily life in their idealistic society.

In this unique place, you will find compelling stories of the people who lived in the town of Salem and the outlying villages of the Wachovia Settlement. You will learn about the devout Moarvians whose personal stories are interwoven with the history of a religion as well as the history of a congregation town, of Piedmont North Carolina, and the United States. And history often begins with a traveler on an untraveled road ...
It's a new day in Salem.

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