Monday, October 25, 2010

Jesus Would Be Ashamed Of You

Credit: Journal photo by Lauren Carrol
I loved this photo in today's, October 24, 2010, Winston-Salem Journal. This speaks volumes. I need to place this in proper perspective. I have connections to King and was there this past week, along with hundreds of others, attending a funeral honoring an acquaintance of my spouse. Being well aware of the conflict brewing about the Christian flag I was still a little shocked at all of the Christian flags flying, and signage on the subject, in the yards, and businesses, of King. Why do I address this in my blog about "Walking Through Salem"? It fits well with similar issues raised here such as opening the city council meetings and county commissioner meetings with sectarian prayers or a certain City Alderman who personally, without proper permission, placed a monument of the Ten Commandments on the lawn of City Hall to mention a few. This simply seemed a good lead in to the topic relevant to our own community.

It is important that you understand that I have marched under the Christian flag. In my younger years I would have attended this protest in King and waved my Christian flag right along with all of the others in attendance. Without hesitation I would describe the younger me as a Christian Religious Fanatic. I am acquainted with some of the leaders of this protest as well as some of their mentors. Over the years my position has drastically changed. I would like to think it is because I became wiser. I can honestly say that that wisdom began because of abuses piled on me from folk like those marching with their flags in King. Today I would like to take my stand beside of the fellow at the top of this page and state that "Jesus Would Be Ashamed of ALL of You".

Get the picture?
Be assured that I am well versed in Scripture and have been considered, in the past, somewhat of an authority on such matters. I can honestly say, based on my immersion in the study of Christ that what is written on this sign held up in King is true. Jesus, as I understand him, would be ashamed of all of you. That goes for the mess in New York opposing the building of a Mosque near ground zero, sectarian prayers in public meetings and posting of the Ten Commandment in public spaces. I have also spent a life time studying our founding fathers and speak with authority when I unashamedly state that not only would Jesus be ashamed of you but you can know that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and hundreds of other patriots would be ashamed of you as well. What our country is about is all flags of every persuasion being able to fly side by side and no one being upset about it. If you can accept that, without question, then you can count yourself a true American and you just might also qualify as a true Christian.

Those emotional, and overly excited folk in King should ask themselves a simple question. Is it appropriate for flags, other than the one at the left, to fly side by side at a memorial honoring American Soldiers? If your answer is a resounding NO, then fly the flags they fought for, and under, and leave the remainder at home and in your places of worship where they belong. Wake up people, Jesus would be ashamed of ALL of you on both sides of this question and you should be ashamed of yourself.

As for me, I am proud to count myself an American free to express my opinions, fly my flags, while being very careful not to stomp all over the freedoms of those around me. I may express my opinions which may be opposite of yours. I will also fight to the death for your right to express yours and not to be assailed by those who might disagree with you. That is what being an American is all about. Wake up and get with the plan people! It's a new day in Salem.

Revised Sunday October 31, 2010 Note this article in the Winston-Salem Journal:

Biscuit at root of sign that said a whole lot.

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