Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here’s Spit in Your Eye

Dick (R.J.) Reynolds, attempting to be successful in plug chewing tobacco, was searching for the best possible experience. Product research wasn’t as refined as it might be today. Dick was constantly, personally, testing the competitor’s products. On discovering exceptional product he simply purchased the company gaining the recipe. Buying company after company he wasn’t satisfied anything represented the perfect chew he was pursuing. He was perplexed.

It was more comfortable riding in open railroad cars in warm weather. Spitting in the breeze could lead to confrontation between spitter and spit upon. Such vulgarities lead to blows physically damaging persons and property. One could be bodily tossed from the moving rail car. Spittoons were provided in an attempt to forestall these escapades and protect the rolling stock. Quandary was, most men were accustomed to habitually spiting on the dirt streets, out windows, and off their horses or carriages. Little thought was given to potential consequences for those near them.

Dick was enjoying a monotonous ride, dozing, rocked by the swaying, to the clickety-clack, clickety-clack of the rails. Abruptly, he was smacked in the face with a soggy, sticky, brown wad. Startled awake, glancing to determine the culprit, molasses thickened sap ran down the side of his face. Dick’s instinctive, experienced nose informed him, even over the harsh odor of burning coal pumping from the engine, something was special about this wad. With flick of tongue a hint of a smile graced his face. Observing the embarrassed culprit bracing for mortal combat, Dick raised arms as he calmly walked toward the tense culprit. Patting the gentleman on the back, firmly shaking his hand, cordially invited him to sit by his side. Sliding a hankie from his pocket, cleaning up the untidiness, Dick inquires as to the brand the gentleman was enjoying and if he has more to share. A broad smile crosses both faces as new found friend breaks off a chew to share. Another purchase and this seemingly insurmountable problem solved.

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  1. You have been blessed with the gift of story telling. Thank you.I look forward to the next entry...and the next...and the one after that!ghc


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