Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bib's Downtown - 675 West Fifth

Bib's Downtown
Have you ever been delighted one of your dreams failed to come true? A few years back I was involved in planning for the development of a high rise condominium complex to be located at the corner of Fifth and Spring Streets across from the Forsyth County Library. The dream didn’t work out and I, along with others involved, are pleased for more than one reason. First, considering what happened with the local real estate market, it may have turned out a major bust. Other similar projects constructed during that time frame have experienced tough times with sales. Second, Oh my God, there wouldn't be Bib’s Downtown now located on that site. THAT WOULD BE A BUST! Life simply would not be the same.

Pit Master - Mark Little
I recall my first feast at Bib’s. After licking my fingers to remove all of the sticky barbecue sauce, I approached Pit Master Mark Little, looking a little weary in his bib overalls, and said: “You had better get prepared because when word gets around about this you will be mobbed.” Succulent, sweet, tinder, smoked pork ribs slide off the bone and melt in your mouth. The chicken is to die for. Heavy buttered Texas toast and hush puppies like you have never experienced in your life. Sweet tea, seasoned fries, potato salad and green beans better than from your very best grandmother’s own kitchen. It’s so marvelous to this point I haven’t even attempted other items on the menu. I am sure none will disappoint. Oh yea, there is bottled beer and wine if you like. Me, I am a sweet tea man myself.

Learn all about Bib’s Downtown at their website by clicking here, or better yet get in your automobile (what my grandfather called it in his bib overalls) and check it out for yourself. Eat your heart out, I only need to take a few steps down the street to feast on my now favorite ribs and chicken. If you aren’t pleased (fat chance of that) bring your plate up to me, don’t you dare send it to the trash. No trash rats are deserving of anything this grand.

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